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About Us

We're James and Vicky, two SSI Open Water Diving Instructors from the UK. Since discovering our love for exploring the underwater world back in the 1990s, we have dived sites across the globe in varying conditions. We have a long association with Greece and the village of Epidavros, where we journeyed to regularly before deciding to relocate from the UK in 2016. Since then, we have been based in the ancient town of Epidavros, enjoying the wonderful diving conditions the beautiful Greek waters have to offer, becoming inspired to qualify as SSI Open Water Diving Instructors and open our own SSI Dive Centre.

In 2019, we opened our SSI Dive Centre Scuba Blue Dream in order to share our love of both Greece and diving with visitors to the area. We have since welcomed customers from all over Europe, helping them discover Greece's fascinating underwater world for themselves.


As passionate instructors, we love taking customers out no matter their level. Whether we’re introducing first timers to the water or showing experienced divers around the beautiful sites Epidavros has to offer, we’re guaranteed to have a smile on our faces.

Why Choose Us?

Catering specifically to beginners and experienced divers looking for a more personalised experience, our dive centre is different from others. We believe the best way to feel safe and comfortable whether you’re learning or exploring is to dive in small groups.

Small Groups


All our Try Scuba Dives (beginner) are conducted on a 1-1 basis with an experienced instructor. This allows the student plenty of time to get familiar with the equipment and techniques without the pressure that’s commonly felt in a group setting. Each student will receive the full attention of the instructor, who will tailor the lesson to suit your needs. It’s important that your first experience of diving is a good one, so we encourage anyone who has had a bad first experience somewhere else to come and try again with us!


Similarly, we teach our Open Water courses either privately or in small groups. With a maximum of 2 people per instructor, students get individual attention and plenty of time to practice key skills.


Our Fun Dives run with a maximum of six divers, who are accompanied by two instructors. In order to ensure that mixed abilities are well catered for, we separate the group into two and plan dive sites accordingly according to level and experience. With us, you’ll never be grouped together with those below your ability – the emphasis is on fun for fun divers!




We strictly adhere to all SSI standards and safety regulations. Our top priority is our customers’ safety, meaning we never push any limits. All our dives are no decompression dives, and we will only take customers to depths equivalent to their training and comfort level. We are always happy to help customers who want to improve their skills, so if you want to improve during a fun dive, simply let us know.

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