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Dive Sites

Epidavros is home to some incredible dive sites. Below are a few of our favourite places to dive in Epidavros and what you can expect to see depending on your level and experience. 

Octopus Garden

Just a 10-minute boat ride from the port, Octopus Garden is, as its name suggests, a great place for spotting octopuses. Besides this, divers will see a small wall and many rocks around which you’ll find moray eels, tube worms, small scorpion fish and many other Mediterranean species. This site is for Open Water and Advanced Divers, reaching a maximum depth of 30m.  


A great breeding ground for fish, here you can see many shoals when looking out into the beautiful blue sea. Ranging from 5m to 40m on the wall, this site is perfect for Try Dives, Open Water divers and Advanced divers. 

Aliotou 1,2 and 3

Located along a wall, these diverse sites offer divers a unique view of the mountain towering above the water, as well as fishing nets that have been caught along the wall. These dives are vastly different depending on your depth, meaning you could dive them hundreds of times and still find something different – including large grouper, which hide in the crevasses at 40m. Reaching a range of depths, these sites are ideal for Open Water and Advanced divers. 


This beautiful bay has a small island lying just a short way from the shore, where divers can see hundreds of fish swimming around. This calm spot makes for the perfect introduction to the underwater world for Try Scuba dives and the first dives of the Open Water Course.

40 Rows

This sheltered bay is the ideal dive site for beginners on days when the sea is not so calm! The deserted area is only accessible by boat, meaning there are always large amounts of fish for us to look at, as well as a stunning view above water of the rocks against the magnificent blue sea.

Aventis III

This wonderful wreck dive makes for an interesting change of scenery for those looking to explore another side to the underwater world. Formed of an 80m cargo ship which sank 15 years ago, you can dive this site several times and still not see it all. The large wreck stretches from the shallowest point of 17m down to the propeller at 50m, and is located close to rocks, which make for a good safety stop.


Located in the middle of the ocean, this volcanic plateau is home to the largest amount of sea life in the whole area. The spectacular visibility and extensive area are two of the reasons Aquarium is our favourite site in the area and one that we could dive every day. The top of the plateau is perfect for an Open Water dive, while the drop off around the plateau is ideal for experienced divers, extending to beyond 40m.

Kyra Rock

This dive is located around a small outcrop of rocks just off the deserted island of Kyra. Boasting turquoise blue water and an array of Mediterranean fish as well as octopus and cuttlefish, this site offers stunning views both above and below water. There are drop offs and walls as you journey around the rock and back to the boat, making the site suitable for beginners, Open Water and Advanced divers. 

Burger Bun

The name of this site doesn’t do justice to the beauty of it. Amazing rock formations and incredible blue waters sit perfectly against the white sand of the seabed of yet another uninhabited island. The clear waters and stunning views make this a wonderful dive site, suitable for Open Water and Advanced divers, reaching maximum depths of 18m or 30m.

Minotaur Labyrinth

Ideal for both beginners and advanced divers, this unique site offers varying depths suitable for each level. Beginners can enjoy the 5m rocky shoreline and beautiful swim throughs at 3m, while advanced divers can swim across sand in search of stingrays and flat fish, eventually reaching a drop off at 20m. Those looking for a fun challenge can also join us on a swim through the cold hole…

Lava Fields

We dive this site in conjunction with Aquarium, which are both located near the volcano. Here we see amazing rock formations and sometimes large shoals of fish when looking out into the ocean. Essentially a wall, it's possible to dive this pristine site at any depth depending on the experience and certification of our divers. 

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