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Why Dive in Greece?

Though it may not be the first place you think of when planning a diving holiday, Greece is a destination well worth considering. The strikingly blue sea, distinct lack of currents and tides and generally calm conditions make it a great destination for divers of all levels.


Such calm conditions make for an ideal learning environment for beginner divers. Instead of starting in a swimming pool, beginners can learn with us in the confined waters of a small bay that reaches depths of only 3-5m. These conditions are likened to pools and perfect for learning skills – some may say they’re even better as you may even see some sea life on your first go!


Experienced divers will be able to enjoy the amazing walls and drop offs this region has to offer. Covered in yellow, purple, orange, red and green coloured sponges, and surrounded by large shoals of various sized and coloured fish, these make for a unique experience. What’s more, we have become experts at spotting the octopus hiding in their shell covered houses, and it’s possible to see ancient amphora on many of our dives. Besides this, the Greek Aegean Sea reaches depths of up to 300 metres, set against a backdrop of mountains rising above you – what more could you want?

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